Round Table on Pump Storage

A Roundtable on Pump Storage, was beeing organized by KFW and IGEF-SO on 24th January, 2017, from 10:00am-02:00pm. The Roundtable was chaired by Mr. Selvakumar, Co-Chair Sub-Group IV on Green Energy Corridors and  Joint Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India as well as Joint Secretary, MoP, Anju Ballah.

During the Roundtable a comprehensive discussion on pumped storage systems from a technical and market perspective was achieved and the possible support required from policy makers, regulators etc., in order to make the projects viable and consequently attract investments was discussed. The workshop counted participation of 40 representatives with stakeholders from different sectors such as policy and decision makers, regulatory bodies, manufacturing companies, consultancies, external experts, etc.

The agenda for the Round Table included active discussions among stakeholders on the following aspects:

*       Regulatory Challenges and adaptations

*       International experience sharing

*       Make a realistic assessment of the PSP potential in the country

All presentations held on the event can be downloaded here

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