IGEF convenes experts / provides a platform for expert dialogue

The IGEF agenda is essentially defined by four sub-groups which bring together experts from industry, research institutions and state authorities in India and Germany. Questions to be addressed and discussed with privatesector stakeholders include the following.

  • How can climate-friendly technologies be adapted, deployed and disseminated in India and Germany?
  • What are current market restraints? What kind of activities should be developed to address these issues?
  • How can business opportunities be promoted?

Beyond the policy dialogue, the IGEF aims at initiating strategic projects such as demonstration projects and other forms of collaboration between the Indian and German private sector. The IGEF strives to initiate projects implemented by private companies to disseminate climate-friendly technology and/or help to develop markets for efficient thermal power plant technologies, energy efficiency and renewable energies.

For dialogue topics and IGEF projects, task forces may be set up with representatives of the relevant government agencies, stakeholders from the private sector and other experts. Sub-groups and task forces may draw on the support of the IGEF Support team.

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