‘Residential Rooftop Systems - Design and Quality go Hand in Hand’ Session at Intersolar India

India has about 300 million households, and as a result, the country offers huge unused roof space. Many entrepreneurs have spotted the size of the opportunity in the residential rooftop segment, not only due to the 20 GW rooftop target but also because of the net metering policy in 30 states, the availability of a 30% subsidy, and the extension of home loans for rooftop systems. By the end of 2016, more than 1,300 agencies were in place as MNRE channel partners. Despite this, rooftop installations (which totalled 1 GW in October 2016) are dominated by systems on industrial and commercial rooftops. Some of the factors that have impeded growth in the residential roof segment are the high upfront investment required, difficulties finding shade-free roof space, ownership issues, the use of roofs for other purposes, and grid interconnection issues. Policy makers and entrepreneurs will discuss such obstacles and suggest ways to promote this segment - which still holds huge potential.

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If you have any questions regarding the session please get in touch with Mr. Joerg Uehlin at Joerg.uehlin@giz.de or +91 11 4949 5353 (ext. 2161)


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